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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Nodejoe b0.861 Max9 x32

Release Notes:
NodeJoe is a schematic material editor realized as a plugin for 3dsmax™ that allows you a quick, clear and easy way of working with textures and materials. It uses the 3dsmax™ internal data structures to provide compatibility with all the materials and textures that work with 3dsmax™.

The plugin provides an intuitive, clearly arranged graphical user interface to create, analyse and modify materials and textures within 3dsmax™. The working area is zoomable and draggable, presenting an interactive preview of materials, including all submaterials and subtextures, as well as showing their dependencies between each other. You can create connections between different materials by "drawing" directly on to the surface. The integrated automatic layout provides a clearly aligned diagram - at your fingertips. Nodejoe will give you a clear overview of the relationship between existing materials within the current scene.

NodeJoe was developed by designers for designers. It provides the functionality that we have always missed during our daily working with the materials inside 3dsmax™. NodeJoe has grown up - after a long period of developement and internal beta-testing - into a product that will leave its beta-phase in a few weeks.
Benefits of this crack:
NodeJoe only allows 1 nodeview : Removed
NodeJoe only allows 2 open libraries at the same time : Removed

Password: BlueBeta3D


  1. Any chance to get our hands on NodeJoe1.0 release?
    Would be great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!