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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Gugila GroundWiz v1.50 for 3DSMax 7-2009

GroundWiz is a plug-in for 3ds Max/VIZ for making nature scenes with ease and precision.

GroundWiz Terrain Map, easy to use yet powerful procedural 3d terrain map for 3ds Max/VIZ, will bring you much power and control for generating realistic terrain textures. Furthermore, GroundWiz Planter, a mass placement and instancing tool, handles millions of objects in 3ds Max/VIZ. It will help you merge vegetation, rocks and other nature elements and quickly create realistic interactive scenes of nature/landscape. GroundWiz Variation Map will help you quickly add color variations to materials when creating big scenes with many objects like forests.

What GroundWiz does...

What GroundWiz Terrain Map, GroundWiz Planter, and GroundWiz Variation Map do is to facilitate your full use of 3ds Max/VIZ in creating natural 3d environments. It is completely integrated with 3ds Max/VIZ. It will give you control, power and flexibility to create and modify nature/landscape, using your own customized terrains and objects like trees, rocks, grass, houses or whatever objects you wish to use.

GroundWiz will help you create a realistic looking terrain texture on the terrain you create or the one imported into 3ds Max/VIZ from real life via GroundWiz importer. On that terrain, GroundWiz Planter will help you create a nature scene while GroundWiz Variation Map will help you quickly add color variations to the nature scenes.


You can download
GroundWiz Lite free version and more infomation here


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