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Friday, April 4, 2008

Craft Director Tools v8.1.7 For 3ds Max And Maya

Craft Director Tools v8.1.7 For 3ds Max And Maya

A quantum leap is made with Craft Director Tools' innovative Record function, which works much like a video camera does in real life it records frame after frame in real time. During recording, Craft Director Tools' own physics engine and mocap system simulate object and camera motion - dictated in precise detail by user input. The result is that each individual frame is turned into a keyframe. Object motion is precise, realistic and instant.
Animators who use Craft Director Tools produce 4-5 minutes of high quality animation per work day - this includes both object and camera animation. Previously the best rate of production has been around 2 seconds per work day. That's the difference that Craft Director Tools makes!

It is now the new version of the Bundle of plugins - 8.1.7. Redisigned some tools, such as Crawler Ext, ExtraWheel and added new Craft Spline Speed-Controller. Craft Spline Speed-Controller gives you an escape from working in percentages. Normally when you change the path or length of a spline the whole spline changes proportionately. With Craft Spline Speed-Controller you you have the definitive solution for automated trafic.
The carriage of Spline Speed-Controller can be used to guide Craft 4-Wheeler Extended through your streets. One car leads another and before long you have trafic. The waypoints of Craft Spline Speed-Controller can be used like trafic lights. One direction of trafic will stop while the other drives. Craft Spline Speed-Controller changes that.

For more information :www.craftanimations.com

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