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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

pyrocluster® 3.5


pyrocluster closes the gap between soft hazy 3D environment effects and puffy dense pyroclastic volcano clouds! A long awaited 3D artist's dream comes true! 3D smoke and cloud effects in all variations just right under your finger tips.

pyrocluster offers state of the art volume acceleration rendering technologies, and it is by far one of the fastest and most flexible 3D smoke/cloud generators for 3ds max 6 through 2008. To guarantee a flawless integration into 3ds max, many new workflow and design concepts have been introduced. pyrocluster is now much more user friendly and offers even better control over volumetric effects like any other tool for 3ds max.

Dense Voxel based 3D-Surfaces?
The Mars landscape shown below was rendered with pyrocluster, none of the stones and rocks are real geometry. By adjusting only a few parameters a soft vapor effect can be turned into rock solid stones or other landscape like formations.
Enjoy true 3 dimensional volumetric displacement with proper and flexible self-shadowing with a minimal amount of render time.

What about the real dense Pyroclastic volcano clouds?
pyrocluster effects can be rendered in many different ways to represent all kinds of natural phenomena, including realistic dense clouds with super crisp self-shadowing.
But there is more! pyrocluster can not only be used to create smoke or haze it is also perfect for fiery or solid liquid effects. Turbulent water falls or snow avalanches are all possible with one single product.
pyrocluster features an all new Volume Tracer engine that fully supports all standard 3ds max lighting effects. Advanced optimization features of the pyrocluster VolumeTracer engine offer many ways to improve render speed and quality. For example, pyrocluster is yet the only plug-in that offers two shadow map creation methods for one single light source! One light source may affect self shadows in the volume differently than the shadow that is thrown onto other objects by the cloud or volume effect! Flexibility and power of control is the new credo of pyrocluster.

Where does the name pyrocluster come from?
pyrocluster is a name that was taken from a natural phenomenon called Pyroclastic Cloud. Pyroclastic clouds are often caused by an erupting volcano. It's a mixture of "super heated" gas and small dust particles. The Pyroclastic Cloud phenomenon is so powerful that it is more dangerous than the actual eruption or explosion of a volcano. Even fresh hot lava currents running down a volcano do not compare with a super heated 100 mph fast gas and particle cloud. It's a real KILLER! There is no chance for escape while it burns and covers everything in seconds. If you are interested in the nature of volcanoes you might want to try out any web search engine to get more in depth details.

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