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Monday, February 18, 2008

finalRender Stage-1 Release 2.0 SP1 for 3dsmax

(Boston – November 30th, 2007) - cebas Computer, maker of finalRender®, today announces the release of Service Pack 1 for finalRender, finalToon, and finalShaders R2. SP1 fully supports 3ds Max 2008 and has an installer for all supported versions of 3ds Max. All users should download SP1 and install it today!

Service Pack 1 for 3ds Max

In our ongoing desire to serve the needs and expectations of our customers, cebas Computer will periodically release Service Packs to enhance features and stability for your production usage. It is strongly recommended that you always keep your software up-to-date with these Service Packs.

Please be aware that this is a full install with all files, scenes, and manuals. You must completely uninstall the previous version of of your software from Add/Remove programs (not IPCLAMP) and then install the service pack.

You must download and install the new IPCLAMP update which is also available in your download area of the cebas shop. SP1 will not work without the new IPCLAMP update. You will need to uninstall your old IPCLAMP (from Add/Remove programs) and install the new version. You do not need to reauthorize IPCLAMP as long as you reinstall it into the same place/directory it was previously.

What's New in SP1?

This Service Pack offers fixes as well as an installer for 3ds Max 2008. A list of all fixes is as follows:

+ DIRT: fR-Dirt not updating sub mtls correctly, fixed
+ FILLET: fR-Fillet not updating sub mtls correctly, fixed
+ MSP: rare crash fixed
+ CORE: problems with AB fixed
+ ARCH: problems with fast interpolate and animations fixed
+ CORE: some optimizations for blurry reflections/refractions
+ AA: crash in adaptive AA sampler fixed
+ GBUF: problems with velocity vectors fixed
+ LIGHT: crash in light mtl fixed
+ LIC: client lib update
+ new client lib to fix runtime dll problems
+ LIC: switched to new client lib
+ MSP: 2 crash conditions fixed (rare occurance)
+ CORE: bug in texture pager fixed (black squares)
+ FILLET: problems with flickering edges fixed
+ LUMA: problems with license checks fixed
+ TEX: AGradient3D working with scanline now
+ MSP: crash in skipping faces code fixed (subtree/MTD skipping)
+ TEX: crash in texture pager fixed
+ CORE: added invalid color detection
+ CORE: black squares fixed
+ ARCH: workaround in fR-Architectural for sdk break in 3ds Max 2008
+ ARCH: workaround for fR-Architectural for sdk break in 3dsmax 2008
+ FTOON: problems with GI and REs fixed
+ CORE: LOD not working, fixed
+ ARCH: problems with tangents and extreme blurries enhanced
+ ADV: enhancements to avoid problems with tangents and extreme blurries
+ BOV: fixed crash with HDRI import with windows vista
+ CORE: problems with hairFX and animations fixed
+ MTD: fixed min range for edge length
+ ARCH: refraction affecting the alpha channel not working, fixed