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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

PoserFusion for 3dsmax 9-2008

PoserFusion seamlessly integrates Poser 7 3D character animation technology into Autodesk 3ds Max.
3ds Max artists can now use readily available Poser content and pre-rigged characters to easily create Poser animations and play them back within 3ds Max. Tapping into the vast community of available Poser content, instead of creating content from scratch for 3ds Max animations speeds up your production time dramatically!

Support for Poser 7 and 3ds Max 9-2008 Windows (32-bit only)
Playback of Poser Animations from Within 3ds Max
Create your own animations in Poser or use Poser's automatic walk designer, and your geometry will animate and playback within 3ds Max.
Maintain Link to Poser Files
Make changes easily! After adjusting shaders or making additional modifiers in 3ds max, you can still go back into Poser to change a figure's position, the changes automatically update in 3ds Max!
Playback of Poser Dynamic Hair and Cloth
With PoserFusion, Poser's dynamic hair and cloth will playback in 3ds Max.
Reload Poser Files from Within 3ds Max
Instead of reloading your entire 3ds Max scene, you can just load the updated changes from Poser.
Shader Translation
PoserFusion translates your Poser shaders to 3ds Max Shading Networks, and assigns them to the correct polygons on your characters. For easy transition, all of the base Poser shading parameters are translated into 3ds Max Shaders. including:
Object Color
Highlight Color
Ambient Color
Reflective Color
Color Maps
Transparency Maps
Transparency Min, Max, and Exponent
Bump Maps
Reflection Maps
and More!


  1. I've been searching for this plugin everywhere. Thanks a million times ! Really usefull when you're playing with Poser and 3DS Max. Have a good day !

  2. However, it can't be exported to shockwave (w3d)

  3. This upload are deleted!
    Please reupload!

  4. This file has been remove because this file is illegal

    I'm sorry~~~

    thanks for interested in this blog :)